Fields of experties

Nissolino Law Firm’s expertise ranges from consumers’ law to contract law, from copyright and industrial law to family law, labour and social security law, bankruptcy law, enforcement law, credit recovery, business and company law, criminal and company criminal liability, EU law, international trade law, internet law, telecommunication and privacy law, civil and professional liability, company social liability and administrative liability of legal entities.
In particular, the firm’s lawyers can provide their qualified counsel, according to their specialty, in the fields mention in the lateral list.

Alternative Dispute Settlement

Our law firm offers assistance in the field of alternative dispute settlement (A.D.R., conciliation, arbitration, mediation, etc.), as well as more generally in extra-judicial proceedings aiming at the settlement of disputes between parties of different nationalities. It is also possible to set up joint conciliation committees at the premises of companies, associations, agencies or institutions, upon drafting of ad hoc regulations and appointment of expert conciliators. Those projects aim at granting greater satisfaction to the client, as well as at improving the company’s image and at containing legal expenses for minor cases.

Bank and Financial Markets Law

Our firm offers counsel to banks and credit institutions, as well as to privates and public entities in the negotiation of financial support and with regard to the relevant procedures, documents and securities. It also assists companies interested in going public, as well as companies and public entities already listed (financial instruments or derivates) on regulated and non-regulated markets.
Moreover, experts are available to counsel privates or companies on the procedures to buy majority stakes in companies listed in Italy or in the EU, also by means of take-over bids.

Business and Company Law

Our law firm is also active in counseling on business and company contracts, and especially on tenders, distribution contracts (sales rights, franchising, vending, agency), lease contracts (commercial lease, finance lease, bailment, company lease), financing (loans, factoring, forfeiting, assignment of claims, opening of credit).

Company reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings

Counsel can be supplied to companies experiencing crisis by pursuing extra-judicial solutions, also by means of conveyances or extraordinary operations of conversion, merging or splitting.
Besides, the firm assists its clients in the different bankruptcy proceedings, and especially in every phase of the composition before and after bankruptcy. The firm also provides assistance in lodging or objecting the proof of claim, in administrative receivership or compulsory winding-up procedures and in all bankruptcy proceedings.
Moreover, our clients can avail themselves of the assistance of specialized staff of the firm in the planning of take-over deals (including hostile take-over bids), mergers, demergers, hiving-offs and reorganization. Furthermore, we provide partners and directors with assistance during general meetings and meetings of the board, as well as on ordinary business.

Consumers’ Law

In this field, our law firm can draft and adapt standard contract forms according to the relevant regulations in force as set by the Civil Code, the Consumers’ Code and EU laws. Besides, we offer the possibility to identify and pursue compensation class actions, also in coordination with national and European associations recognized by law.


Our firm can assist its clients in the drafting and the negotiating of contracts and commercial agreements, including tenders, engineering contracts, distribution contracts, license and franchising contracts, joint-venture or syndicate agreements, contracts of sale (also international), supplying and transport contracts, joint operating agreements, real estate / land / company lease contracts, management and outsourcing contracts, loan and leasing contracts.

Copyright and Industrial Law

Counsel is provided on all issues related to the protection of trademarks, patents, know-how, industrial patterns and designs, copyright, software, reserved information and domain name, on both the traditional off-line market and the on-line market. This activity includes the drafting and the negotiating of contracts and the attending to all administrative formalities for obtaining, protecting, buying, selling and granting intellectual property rights, including taking care of the relevant cases and representing clients in front of the competent authorities, among which the Patent Office and the Naming Authority.

Credit recovery and enforcement

Our law firm provides consulting services and legal assistance in the field of credit recovery and it can institute prompt warning or judicial actions and, if necessary, take executory measures.

Criminal Law and Procedure

Thanks to the cooperation of skilful professionals specialized in this branch of law, qualified counsel is available in the fields of criminal offences against persons and public administrations, tax criminal law, company criminal law and financial criminal law.

EU Law and International Trade Law

In this field, clients are assisted in international transactions and deals, as well as on issues related to International Trade Law, International and Comparative Law (including EU Law), International Fiscal Law, international property and inheritance planning, international private banking, including assistance in trials and in civil or commercial arbitration. The firm’s qualified staff has acquired extensive experience in jurisdictional operations and in the related International Private Law issues concerning the enforceable law and the competent court or the recognition and the enforcement in Italy of foreign judgments and arbitrator’s awards, in the framework of bilateral and multilateral international conventions, of restatements and of generally-recognized international agreements, such as the Convention of Vienna on international sale of personal property, UNIDROIT principles on international trade contracts, UNCITRAL Model Laws and the International Chamber of Commerce’s Incoterms.

Internet protection (Internet Law)

Specialized assistance is provided on issues relating to Information Technology and e-trade, from outsourcing to joint-ventures, from digital signing to data protection, from on-line services to business-to-business and business-to-consumers, to the buying and selling of domain names.

Labour Law

In the field of labour law, specialized counsel is provided on contracts and remuneration, during the contentious and pre-contentious proceedings, in arbitration and in front of ordinary courts.


Our law firm can provide assistance and defense in every place and at every level of trial, in front of any court (civil, criminal, fiscal, accounts and administrative), as well as in trials in front of independent authorities (Competition, Telecommunications and other independent authorities).
Litigation assistance includes legal representation in proceedings requiring the investigation and the analysis of extremely complex issues and the carrying out of extensive investigation in every phase of the trial, including the monitory and the precautionary proceedings. In this field of activity, clients will be assisted also in the service of summons abroad and in the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments or arbitrator’s awards.
Our network of non-resident partners allows our firm to get easy access to all territorially competent courts.

Person and Family Law

Our firm can provide extensive assistance on the following issues: protection of the rights of the person and of the family, alternative matrimonial property regimes with the drafting of ad hoc agreements, separations and divorces, food alimony, property rights in conjugal or de facto families, family funds and trusts, family businesses, successions, interdictions, legitimate and natural filiation, adoptions, paternity acknowledgement and disclaimer, assisted procreation, property and biological damage, rights of the person and privacy protection, adoption of adults, name and sex change.

Property and Real Rights

Our firm has a long-established practice in the field of ownership, joint-ownership of buildings, servitudes, usucaption, distances required by law, openings and views, private nuisance, usufruct, right of user and of occupancy, defence of property and of possession.

Public and professional liability

Thanks to its long experience, our firm can provide judicial and extra-judicial assistance in all matters concerning damages, including damages due to professional liability (medical, hospital, professional, etc.).

Telecommunication and Information Law

Our firm provides assistance in front of the Italian telecommunication authority and Ministry, as well as judicial and extra-judicial assistance in front of ordinary and independent authorities; in this field, it can also assist its clients in the drafting and negotiation of contracts.

Vocational training

The firm can organize, also at the client’s premises, high training courses at all levels addressing a public or a private audience, both individual and collective, complete with admission and final tests and with the drafting of teaching aids and in-depth studies on the most important related court decisions and scholars’ opinions. Video conferences and audio-visual tools (power-point slides) can be supplied, also at the client’s premises and in English if requested. In addition, the firm can organize conventions and stages, booking the venues and selecting conference staff and speakers of the highest standard, according to the topics and fields of interest indicated by the client or selected by the firm.